SAP Maintenance Planner

The SAP Maintenance Planner is an important planning tool for the lifecycle management of the SAP system landscape.


In the world of programming CNC machine tools, G-code or G-functions are of particular importance. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about G-code...

Asset management - 5 areas of application

Creating and maintaining sustainable value is the core task of asset management.

Operations Manager - Is everything running?

The Operations Manager is responsible for the delivery processes of a company.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers fulfil an important cross-sectional function. Managing global supply chains requires know-how and foresight.

SMED - Optimisation in maintenance

SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Die. The method aims to optimise set-up times with regard to higher availability.

Disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovations are characterised by a high innovation return in a short time.

Hypercare Phase

The hypercare phase is an essential success driver in project management. This is not only true for IT services.


Repair is the restoration of functional performance. The degree of repair depends on the cost/benefit ratio.

SAP interfaces and connection

Functioning SAP interfaces to the ERP system are essential for the automation of business processes. They ensure the correct SAP connection.