Engineering & Design Tools

In this section we would like to briefly introduce you to the various methods and tools of service engineering and design that we use, among other things, to provide our services. We can also warmly recommend them for your own projects.

Service engineering: Service engineering is the development of service systems with the help of engineering methods, tools and procedures. It is characterised by a systematic process and a toolbox that builds on each other with the aim of achieving a repeatable result in terms of quality and productivity. The focus here is on optimising structures and processes within a service system.

In business practice, this is an interdisciplinary field of activity, which, like systems or software engineering, requires a structural anchoring and corresponding development resources. With our predefined workflows, applications and master data models, we enable our customers to have a system-supported development process that leads to ERP-compliant master data.

In service design, the main focus is on the design of the customer interaction and other interfaces in the service delivery process. Based on an analysis of customer needs, expectations, socio-cultural influencing factors and other qualitative and quantitative parameters, the (product) service system is described in its relevant dimensions.

Another central element of service design is the optimal design of the scaling elements and modularisation of the service components as the basis of product and portfolio management.

Scope of application