Service design in special machine construction

Service Design - Challenges in Special Machine Construction

7 min
In special-purpose machine construction and especially in the design of large-scale plants, special points have to be taken into account in a service design project that has an increase in efficiency and standardisation in mind. Great individualisation of products due to widely varying customer requirements and the resulting variety of constructive solutions quickly lead to an unmanageable number of variants and new designs with the associated...
Service Design - Service Packages Basics

Service Package Design - Basics

11 min
The benefit or added value that a customer experiences through the use of a service is generally not an objectively measurable quantity. According to the Kano model, the minimum result expectation is defined by the fulfilment of the basic characteristics of a product or service. However, the perceived benefit as a whole consists of all impressions and experiences and is the sum of all...
Service packages a gamble

Service design of service packages - gambling?

9 min
With the increasing service orientation of the range of services, the question also arises in the industrial sector as to how the various service modules, from maintenance and repair offers to new digital services, can be combined into attractive service bundles and billed. A key point that, in my view, has a significant influence on medium- and long-term profitability is the fact...
Service strategy

After-sales service: Why service strategy is still important tomorrow?

4 min
Without a doubt, agile development processes and methods are the means of choice to transform new service ideas into marketable service offerings. In contrast, strategic approaches to portfolio planning seem almost a little antiquated. But even in the age of MVPs and iterative feedback loops, it is essential to develop a sustainable competitive and positioning strategy for your own company.

Competitive positioning in "as-a-service" business models

6 min
As published by numerous trend analyses and forecasts, the revenue share of service-oriented business models in the industrial sector will grow steadily. For companies that are competing and have so far been primarily product-oriented, it is therefore essential to position their service offering profitably in good time and to continuously develop new competitive advantages. To do this, it is necessary not only to understand the changing business mechanics, but also to...