Industrial product service systems can not only be very complex, but also require special marketing strategies and communication measures for successful marketing in order to convert benefits into a positive profit contribution.

We create unique content that focuses on sustainability and service issues.

We develop Solutions

Industrial Marketing by maintery

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We create commissioned editorial work with added value. We enrich your communication content with valuable background information.

Evergreen Content Formats

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant to a topic over a very long period of time. Our design-for-xability guides illuminate a topic from different angles, are continuously updated and aim to be found in the long term via organic search.

In combination with other SEA measures, your intended target group can be addressed in the best possible way.

We provide you with comprehensive support in presenting your company in the best possible way. We increase the visibility of your advertising message through further advertising measures. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

There are no costs for creating and editing a company profile. For better visibility of the content and more intensive customer communication, additional premium services can be booked.

For this purpose, you are welcome to use our contact form or send us an e-mail directly to contact[at]

Design for X-abilty guides


Comprehensive presentation of different solution alternatives

think benefits

Benefit argumentation from the user's perspective with a focus on future-oriented, sustainable business models

choose right

Selection support by promoting interaction between provider and user

Dynamic contents

  • All content elements are connected to each other via relationships
  • Content network always remains up to date
  • Duplicate content is avoided and a cosistent user experience is created

UX design

  • Focus on user experience
  • Clear design with defined information structure
  • No disturbing elements in the reading flow

Global orientation

  • Global brand identity
  • Content structure enables quick and easy localisation
  • Multilingual content through editorial translation
Market Guide

Market Guide

One topic, many solutions

  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Comprehensive market overview
  • Decision support

Solution Guide

One solution, many potentials

  • Working out the benefits with service design methods
  • Inclusion of all relevant issues
  • Presentation of the business case

Each provider mentioned in a guide, blog article or other content receives its own provider profile.

  • Content hub and landing page with links to all relevant content
  • Future orientation of the provider is emphasised through sustainability statements

Each product that is mentioned in a guide, blog article or other content gets its own product detail page.

  • Function fulfilment and feature overview
  • Product-specific FAQs

Relevant topics and issues around a guide are prepared in the form of supporting tools and other content.

  • Selection and calculation tools
  • Knowledge Base

Editorial preparation of company-specific expert contributions and other content.

  • Formats according to individual agreement
  • Contents are continuously kept up to date