Updated on: 20.01.2022



Service FMEA

Designing the service system to meet requirements by analysing relevant functional elements.

What is it about?

A service FMEA is more than just a variation of the familiar design FMEA. There is hardly a better way to dovetail product and service development than by synchronising the FMEA processes. Unlike other service design tools, however, some issues require a deeper technical understanding. It is not only suitable for identifying wear-related service activities, but also creates the basis for implementing predictive maintenance strategies.

creativity, this can be used not only for property validation but also for potential identification. It gets really exciting when a dynamic change of the requirement parameters over time is also considered. It is also suitable for ensuring service quality along the entire customer journey.


Particularly with FMEA analysis, there is a great danger of developing a methodological end in itself. Care should be taken to ensure that the tool is not used only because it is anchored in processes. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out an individual project scoping before each implementation.