Updated on: 20.01.2022

Evaluation Matrix


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Evaluation Matrix

Cluster analysis to identify success criteria for the evaluation of service design projects.

What is it about?

In the evaluation matrix, all ideas for the project can be classified according to defined criteria - thus filtering out the most promising ideas. Even if it is sometimes painful, it is also important to say goodbye to ideas, some of which you have grown fond of, at an early stage and to focus your development resources. It is better to quickly push forward the most promising ideas with the bundled innovative power than to want to dance at too many weddings.

The user value is set in relation to the degree of complexity and the effort required to implement the idea using a common catalogue of criteria. In this way, a ranking can be formed. This service design method is related to the QFD approach (Quality Function Deployment) known from quality management. However, due to the simpler, clearer representations, this method is more quickly accessible to non-specialists in interdisciplinary teams.


A comprehensive overview of the most important and profitable ideas for the user is only achieved if the chosen evaluation standard also really allows for differentiation.