1. technology

Technology & Functional Analysis

Industrial product service systems are characterised by a complex interaction of various hardware, software and service components. A comprehensive technology and function analysis is therefore the basis for the development of successful service-oriented business models.

Our services

  • Analysis of involved system elements
  • Identification of essential functions and maintenance-relevant components
  • Evaluation of field data
  • Creation of a technology model and determination of key performance ratios

2. System Design

System Design

Once the basic functional framework has been defined, the next step is to design the relevant system elements. Based on the FMEA analysis, we use various decision heuristics to describe the technical elements of the product-service system in the best possible way.

Our services

  • Reliability-oriented function and risk analysis (Design & Process)
  • Analysis of fault and service characteristics
  • Derivation of possible service and maintenance activities
  • Description of the service activities through feature definition
  • Modelling of a modular portfolio including generic maintenance and service strategies
  • Dynamic service model including the forecast development of relevant performance ratios

3. Business Impact

Analysis of economic efficiency

Possible service components of a service system can be combined in many different ways, which often leads to an unmanageable number of variants. Business impact analysis aims to determine the optimal composition of services with the greatest possible impact on results.

Our services

  • Definition of business constraints
  • Determination of necessary resources
  • Calculation of business case scenarios
  • Optimisation of the service catalogue based on the results
  • Modularisation of the range of services