CAM software

What is CAMWorks?

CAMWorks describes itself as one of the most modern CAM software solutions in the world. CAMWorks also relies on integration with Solidworks and is said to offer particularly good recognition of machining features in this interaction. Professional suppliers are supported by a global network of sales and service partners.

  • 2.5-axis and limited 3-axis milling with rotary milling
  • SOLDIWROKS part and assembly programming including 4 &
    5-axis indexing (3+2 machining)
  • 2-axis turning with canned cycle and full counter-spindle
    Support for lathes with counter-spindles
  • Feature and knowledge-based editing to capture and
    automatically use your best practices
  • Tool path simulation with material removal, workpiece pick-up and
    Clamping device display and collision detection
  • Automatically reads all SOLIDWORKS CAM data

  • All CAMWorks standard functions
  • Advanced 3-axis roughing and finishing functions
  • Turn-mill machining functions

  • All CAMWorks standard functions
  • Turn-mill machining functions
  • Synchronisation of different machines
  • Virtual machine environment

  • All functions of the Standard and Professional versions
  • Advanced functions for 4- and 5-axis machining

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