1. ideA

Service Innovation Design

A good idea is the starting point for new, promising business models. As a rule, however, this does not fall from the sky, but is the result of a profound examination of the needs of existing and potentially new customers. But also by looking at essential innovation dimensions and principles, new service components can be defined that enable sustainable competitive advantages.

Our services

  • Top-down and bottom-up innovation analysis
  • Application of service-relevant TRIZ principles
  • Touchpoint analysis
  • Analysis of service-relevant innovation dimensions (e.g. business partner, revenue model, delivery system)

2. Business Model Design

Service Business Model Design

The task of service business model design is to develop a successful business model from an initial service idea. With the help of our service reference model, we determine all the necessary elements and develop a sustainable business model. Based on this, we model the activities and processes necessary to provide the service.

Our services

  • Analysis of customer segments (target group profiling)
  • Creation of a functional model of customer value creation
  • Determination of relevant customer roles and tasks (Customer Jobs & Roles)
  • Derivation of the value proposition
  • Determination of the business model elements
  • Formulation of the user stories
  • Blueprint & BPML model creation

3. Service Design

Service Design & Implementation

Once the essential elements of the service business model have been described, it is time for realisation and implementation. Especially in agile development processes, a clear frame of reference enables a targeted approach and has a great influence on the time-to-market.

Our services

  • Creation of an entity relationship model
  • Elaboration of the relationship relations
  • Determination of descriptive attributes and value assignment
  • Determination of relevant scaling factors
  • Development of a cascading condition model
  • Business Simulation & Optimisation
  • Generation of master data sets for ERP systems & web services